Ergonomic shoes

Since quitting my job last year (Oops, missed the anniversary on 31 march!), I have spent almost every day barefoot and standing a LOT during my working hours.

I have a dodgy back anyway, and have been feeling lately that being barefoot with no arch support is making me tired & have aching feet at the end of the day. Just wearing a nice soft pair of thongs does help a lot, but I want something a bit ‘more’.

Friends suggested I get a pair of Birkenstock… Have never found them attractive at all: I like pretty, girly sandals, and have been buying surf brands for a while but they never last more than a couple of months! Talk about ripped off.

Anyway. I’ve been searching for weeks now, trying to find some Birks that I actually like. Obsessive Nikki. I’ve discovered a few styles I like, and I have found that the more I look at them, the more attractive they have become. It’s also interesting that the more I want arch support, the more I look at the shoes people wear and see that most shoes have inadequate support.

I go on, don’t I? LOL I really came her to say: Aren’t these GLORIOUS!? :)


5 thoughts on “Ergonomic shoes

  1. I absolutely love birkos, and they are getting some gorgeous colours, embellished varieties now. Definitely best to buy from overseas as you can get a few for half the price as Australian RRP if you spend $400, plus free postage! Great if you have a few of you order together.
    Agreed on the pretty sandals. When standing on hard floors all day they’re not always the best. My good friend Kim from growing up has a lovely shoe shop in Dwn called ‘Me & My Llama’.

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