Home and community

I do so love a long, uninterrupted work week. It means that a) I am productive b) I am happy due to no interruptions and c) that I actually have the weekends OFF, to spend with my beautiful family.

This weekend has raced by! We visited Maisie’s new friends, just around the corner, and in the afternoon, dropped Lily to one of her new friends, around a few more corners. I am LOVING this community living. Moving to the little local school has been one of the best decisions we have made as parents. The girls are thriving, and my heart soars every time we connect with somebody in our neighbourhood. Yesterday when Lily’s friends’ mother walked them home, we chatted for a while. Her cousin lives on my street too, they are the family with the fluffy white dog, who walk past our house every day on the way to school. I LOVE that! :) It makes the neighbourhood feel familiar and safe. Today I let the girls ride their bikes up and down our side of the street, along the footpath. They LOVED it! Maisie was breathlessly giddy with the freedom of that.

Have you seen the YMCA tv commercial? “We let our children online but don’t let them walk to school.” Think about that. [Edit: or watch it!]

When we collected the trailer belonging to Mum’s landlord, we spontaneously invited Mum over for dinner – reheated frozen curry! We drank some beers & solved lots of the worlds’ problems, and talked in depth about Autism. then after Mum caught a taxi home, Danny and I sat out on the footpath so we could be beneath an expanse of sky, rather than our verandah. We drank wine and solved more of the worlds’ problems. Aren’t we WILD? LOL

Today has been about the garden. Removing some cyclone damaged trees & general garden waste, palm fronds & seeds. Today was also about coconuts! Danny, who loves a physical and mental challenge, put the ladder on top of our shipping-container-shed, and using his extendable lopper, cut a few of our coconuts down! Mmmm….. :)

fruits of labour


6 thoughts on “Home and community

  1. I think that most cities would have pockets of community. My suburb is just one tiny part of Darwin. It feels surprising to “discover” the inner community. I really had no idea, as we would always “up and out” to Nightcliff where the girls previously went to school & most of our socialising involved DRIVING. It’s a huge relief to not have to do that anymore :)

  2. I often dream about moving away from my little country town existence, but I do love all the familiarity that it brings.. We know all of our neighbours and Jade who is 7 walks home form school (no road to cross) everyday with Aiden the little boy from across the street.. As soon as they get home they are outside playing until they have to come in for dinner, they have a wonderful time together making up all different games..

  3. SO TRUE about the walking to school thing! My kids do here but I know exactly what they mean. It’s crazy, and that’s why kids are turning into human puddings. :(

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