a zip did this!!
Zips are DANGEROUS!!! SEE???

However.  I pushed on and on and have become quite accomplished at making spunky zippered pouches.  Once I clear customs (I keep saying that!!), I want to play around with shapes etc..



Note use of text stitching to temporarily solve labeling issues… :)

Today, I was making a ladies patchwork a-line skirt, that as standard, I insert elastic into the waist… Look, it’s fine for kids, or the fuller skirts… but I have decided that my a-lines needs a zip. So I jumped a massive hurdle and went ahead and inserted a zipper. I read a few tutorials which involved glue, basting & all kinds of time-consuming methods… I just pinned & went for it. I added some hand-made continuous bias binding to the waist band. It’s not perfect, but it’s as good as any store-bought skirt I have, so it’s staying.

I feel like I’ve made it through to the other side! Woohoo!!! :)

2 thoughts on “Zips

  1. you are now officially my idol!! i’ve never attempted putting a zipper in clothing, i’m a wuss i know!


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