Darwin crafty people!

I absolutely LOVE my life. I love being creative every day & having freedom with the work that I do.

I love the online aspect of my work, too. And the photography & little bit of fiddling in Photoshop…

The connections I have made with customers and fellow crafty types online have also been amazing, and truly enrich every single day, somehow.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, I am slowly connecting with local Darwin people who are not only crafty but have an online presence! Today I was lucky enough to meet at Anna’s (http://mangolimenappies.blogspot.com) lovely tree house today with Bianca (http://biancajae.blogspot.com) and Kirsty (http://www.shoproomstudio.blogspot.com). It was A M A Z I N G!! and so fun :)

Bianca, Kirsty & me :)

We had a bit of a laugh at the end, how we all thought we were the only crafty types in Darwin, who sold online! ha :)

In the end, we decided we were going to have further gatherings, and hopefully grow the ‘group’, with a view to having a market cooperative, and perhaps organising a bi-annual handmade market in Darwin. Sounds pretty fabulous to me!! :)

5 thoughts on “Darwin crafty people!

  1. How cool to find like minded friends. Turns out there is plenty of crafty talent in Darwin. God I miss it lately!
    So glad you found me so I could find you. Just looking through your blog and thoroughly enjoying it. Your skirts are sensational! Divine really!!

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