A simple symbol of love

Bless little Maisie… Last week, I asked the girls to look out for flat rocks, and if they saw any, to collect it… so that we can do a craft activity for Valentines Day – making Heart Rocks, by gluing fabric hearts to smooth, round rocks.  I found this beautifully, simple idea on The Artful Parent. It is such a warm, inspiring and stunningly beautiful website – all parents will absolutely adore the simple crafting ideas with children.   Have a good look at the blog, as there are soooo many fantastic activities…  including ideas for Valentines Day!  I love this idea, too:  Coffee filter hearts for the window

My beautiful little girl found an abundance of them at school, and filled her school hat with them! LOL She was so, so pleased with herself!! I’m taking them back to school today in a brown paper bag.. and we’ll discreetly re-deposit them where she found them…. but perhaps keep one each, as a symbol of Maisie Joy’s love :)


4 thoughts on “A simple symbol of love

  1. did you put them back with hearts on them?

    PS. Still trying to remember where I’ve seen your favourite fabric. I keep thinking I’ll come across it in our spare room next time we move, I’ll be as excited as a kid at Christmas!

  2. It is, huh :)
    a friend of mine suggested I glue hearts on the ones we’ll take back to the school. We’re going to do it – imagine some little kid discovering them! how fun!! :)

    Did you have a good look through the website, Barb?

    PS: welcome back!! xx

  3. What a gorgeous idea….so over the commercial crap that comes with xmas, easter, valentines day etc etc….this is perfect! x

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