The Simple Life…

Today, the girls and I spent a lovely couple of hours on our first neighbourhood playdate! As a lot of you would know, I am a nature lover and RELISH seeing my girls, healthy and full of life, playing imaginatively outside. The parents out there would also know the importance of having like-minded parents for your children’s play mates.

I feel most at home in a natural setting. So it was very exciting to see chooks in the yard, pieces of bark on the outdoor table and to visit their veggie garden! On a standard size house block, I actually felt like I was standing on acreage, the way the yard had been put to such great uses.

Anyway… we talked about simplifying life to cut out the ‘noise’. I’m a fairly high-strung person & suffer from stress and anxiety, scattered through the soaring joy I feel most days. I know I need more peace in my life, but I am not sure how to GET it.

Doing a quick stocktake, I couldn’t imagine what I could cut out of my life. Briefly, and you know I have thought of this for a long time: reducing internet selling and focus on the markets. I did like the little fantasy of sewing through the school hours, and selling once a week at the markets, cutting out all of the photography and computer time… but I also know I’m a total internet/computer addict and THAT rounds out the awesomeness of what I do. It’s totally fulfilling.

But, when we walked around to her veggie garden and I discovered it was TOTALLY private, like the rest of the yard, I knew what I needed: privacy. In my own back yard, there are so many areas visible to the neighbours. I know.. they don’t exactly line up looking over fences or down from the trees, but it DOES make me feel constantly scrutinised. So, if I can’t have acreage, what I’m going to is set about screening my back yard with clever use of plants.

I love ornamental grasses and bamboo! Most grow tall enough to screen, but not obscure beautiful light and breeze.


I think that would work, and quickly, if I planted soon! :)


6 thoughts on “The Simple Life…

  1. Bamboo isn’t a problem there, going too wild and out of control? The kinds that grow up here are a problem, you can only keep them in pots, most of them.

    1. if I can do it :) I already relocated a hanging basket to the other end of the verandah for a bit of screening from next door – Ray, who “went mad” and cut his whole fenceline of palms and shrubs down 9 months ago!! it WAS private, but our whole back and front yards were suddenly in view of the STREET. the back has grown somewhat, so I can hang washing without the people over the road watching me (not that they DO, but you know… ;) the ONLY advantage was the pure, bright light that shines in the studio now :)

      I don’t want to be completely cut off from the neighbours… I quite enjoy having a yarn to old Ray. He gives us chillis and the occasional whole fish and we give him limes :) the girls love calling out, “Hi Ray!” :)

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