Creative space – continued!

Today I tackled the other end of the studio.

Aims were:

– clear the floor and the top of filing cabinet have a plant or cut palm fronds – something fresh, anyway.
– box up the hidden pile of doilies underneath the hanging bits & pieces…
– remove vtg sheets from storage box, put on shelf, and use storage box for clothing to upcycle.
– cull some fabric!!

OMG…Sneezed my head off from the dust or WHATEVER that has accumulated in the unused piles if fabric. It’s telling me something though: out with the old &…. well, NOT in with the new as I need to seriously use a lot of fabric/clothing to upcycle BEFORE I bother buying fabric again!!

And… I did GOOD! I am soooo pleased! I just plugged along and left no piece of fabric unturned. and LUCKY I checked inside the box from my new iron as it was full of MORE scraps! LOL!

Behold, the before and after shots! :)



So clean! :)


I actually do know where everything is (though I admit to a few surprising and pleasant discoveries when sorting through! :)


Ratty mess.


I love it so much! :)


this is a highly organised system… clothing to upcycle, fabric to donate or sell, and NEW additions.. Hmmm…


No sign of an old packing box & piles of fabric & clothes to upcycle!
mannequins will more than likely end up hung on the cupboard doors again :)

5 thoughts on “Creative space – continued!

  1. You did well ! If I were you I would be leaving the cupboadr doors open all the time just so I could see all the gorgeous fabric colours !!!
    You should see my office/creative space – only enough room for me to get to the computer and phone ( the important bits ) and mess everywhere ! I keep saying I am going to tidy it up but the kids will all be at school soon so I might leave it till then . WHere to start is my big issue !

    1. they usually are open :)

      I was thinking about you this afternoon & decided that blogging would be a wonderful time-waster for those after-school hours… :) and a great place to start would be… your office!! Take before pics. put music on and start at the beginning…. oh, and then blog about it all.

      We’ll love it :)

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