Challenge #1, 2011

Clear out this PILE of scraps.

Either sell or use.

I do delve into it whenever I do a patchwork or want to make a cool pocket (truly one of my favourite parts of the creative process :)… but it’s not enough. it takes up an entire SHELF, and a storage bin is not the answer, as it will end up STORED somewhere and a new pile of scraps will inevitably grow :)


2 thoughts on “Challenge #1, 2011

  1. ha! You’re a mindreader, mate! I have VISIONS of doll clothing for this year. In fact, there WAS going to be a post on FB about it but do you think I could find the photo of the little dolly skirt with pocket that I posted recently to a customer? totally cute!! :)

    but – yes, good thinking as this pile would be perfect for just that. I’ll work on it.

    patchwork throw from all that. Awwww….man… it would be nuts! definitely possible though. We’ll see… ;)

  2. hahaha…I can see a LOT of dolls clothes and rugs for Ella’s dollhouse there…LOL!!! The kids would have a ball doing collages and stuff with that..theyre right into craftin with fabrics..too bad their darlin mama bear can’t sew to save herself…or anyones left sock! or even better still..get Nikki @^&M to make up a funky boho patchwork kinda throw for my couch with EVERY bit of fabric there..and maybe a few others if there’s not enough…simple yet HIGHLY likey likey!

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