Another beginning to the year

This one is when Danny goes back to work, and the girls and I get back into the swing of a daily holiday activity just for them, running errands and then home for a couple of hours of sewing!! :)

Today we’re heading firstly to the chiropractor, then to the Library to replenish books (we are ALL avid readers in our family, even Maisie who is only beginning to learn reading, *loves* to curl up with a novel in bed at night and pretend to read it. I’m convinced the words will soak into her little brain :)

The daily activity was a tactic for getting some stress-free hours in each afternoon to sew – and it definitely works. PLUS I score Mummy points for getting them out of the house each day, doing something fun or seeing their friends who they miss dearly! These are the FIRST holidays that I have truly enjoyed with them! :)

Here’s a pic from our Museum outing in December:


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