my tumbling, unstructured visions and ideas for 2011 :)

This post is inspired by the amazingly talented and gorgeous Shari from Soren Lorensen Design. Her Dreams and Resolutions post kinda echoes my tumbling, unstructured visions and ideas for 2011. it’s been on my mind for a loooong time that I have neglected this blog, and it’s largely to do with fear – of being copied, judged, whatever… I really need to BUILD A BRIDGE, hey? :)

So here goes, my attempt at structuring 2011, just a bit :)

1. Blog more. doesn’t have to be earth-shattering or life changing for whoever reads it… just sharing that little bit more with the world about me and the heart & soul of Monsoons & Mangoes. AND, you just never know…. somebody’s random string of search words might land them in my lap :)

2. Tap into the local market. I KNOW without a shadow of doubt that my gear would be hugely loved in Darwin – it’s the landscape and environment here that is partly the soul of what I create. Maybe one day have a market stall (I know I keep saying that!!!), but in the meantime, just approach a couple of small shops I’ve picked out, to ask about either wholesale or consignment sales. Why not! So I’m going to look into that once the girls are at school.

3. Streamline my range!! I love everything that I have ever made since this all began in 2006. I don’t like to tell people “no, you can’t have one of those”. feels so mean… but in allowing so many “old” designs in the present it means I’m not moving forward with new designs. With the extra freedom I’ll gain with both girls in school full-time (25 hours, thankyou!), that will obviously help with productivity & having the TIME to play around with ideas (and I have MANY!).

4. Get my ideas OUT OF MY HEAD. whether it’s a sketch or a few words in one of the many “ideas” books I have, or actually playing around and making the new design, I need to clear my poor brain. It’s getting very crowded in there!! :)

5. Also with the getting ideas out – I need to not worry if “somebody else has done it”. Waaay back in 2004 (you know, when “buy handmade” wasn’t all the rage), I wanted to make little baby fairy dresses out of bonds singlets and tulle. Never got around to it, and now those kind of things are a dime a dozen. but you know what? I’m still going to make some this year!! :p

6. Bookwork. yeah yeah. I’m MONTHS behind which is pretty bloody scary as tax time is only 6 months away!! I have my own simple yet perfectly effective set of spreadsheets which all automatically updates a p&l statement. I just need to USE the thing, on a daily basis for sales and weekly for expenses. then it would be simple!


and on a personal note…

1. Lose some weight! I want to lose 10kg. Danny and I started “counting points” the Weight Watchers way. It’s a tried and true method for us, as annoying as it can be. And we’re making a conscious effort to just MOVE more. I went for a solo walk this morning under dripping trees and a heavy sky this morning and it was WONDERFUL. I love the boost of energy you get from decent exercise. When the girls are back at school (at a new school, a stones throw from home), we’ll all walk together in the morning, and once I finish at the school, I’ll go for a good solid walk. So that regular exercise with points counting will get me to my goal in no time.

2. Drink less alcohol. I do love a wine and could quite happily drink every night of the week… a few beers here, few wines there – love it. BUT it interferes with ALL facets of my daily life and I’m OVER it. There are so many advantages of reducing the amount we drink!!

3. Take time out for ME. I’ll get HUGE amounts of time alone with the girls both at school… but that’s largely going to be about Monsoons & Mangoes. Time for me will be sitting on a rock to watch the tide come in… quiet, solitary time for reflection and thought-gathering.

I think that might do! it’s a good start, and feels GREAT to have it written down so I can reference it! :)

13 thoughts on “my tumbling, unstructured visions and ideas for 2011 :)

  1. Reach for the sky Nikkster!!! I’m sure 2011 will be a magic year for you…both girls at school (and a better and happier school life to come by the sounds of it)…more time for m&m…more time for those solitary reflective days/moments when it’s all about clearing headspace and enjoying the simple things…and about the “going wholesale” thing in DO that! I would have loved to have stumbled into a little shop in the steaminess of the NT to have found myself surrounded in a bird of paradise coloured rainbow of M&M gear…it warms my soul to think of it…and the rest..que sera sera..what will be, will be…my new motto for 2011!!!! Lets’make this one so much bigger, brighter and more beautiful than the last…=)

  2. Yay Nikki, you go for it ! I feel the same about the health kick thing……just need to do it. I have no more babies at home from this year and I am feeling a bit lost. Empty nest syndrome ,but only during school hours. I need a plan too so I dont waste time sitting waiting for them to come home !!!
    “Make time for yourself and the rest will happen” a very wise friend once said to me, so fingers crossed for a fantastic year ! ♥

    1. We’ve been TALKING for years about the changes we need to make. it’s taken us so long to get to this point but I think it’s had to be this way, as we are actually determined and motivated to do this. I’ve already lost 2kg, so things are looking up! :)

      as for you – I highly recommend sewing as a hobby to while away the hours :)
      How are you coping without the kids? I imagine I’d like it for about 3 days and then be bored out of my brain LOL

  3. Good idea, Sam!! It’s so hard, as I had planned on the Butterfly dress being one of them… but I do love them LOL I don’t know… it’s gonna be tricky. Need to sit down and sketch a “look book” for 2011 and go from there… :)

  4. Great realistic sounding goals – although a couple id find really hard ;) – you will have to let us (me) know what your streamlining out – just in case i really want one before that haha ♥

  5. thanks Julie :) We’re on a major health kick which is already delivering some extra and much welcome energy… which I’m hoping to use a little to do some night sewing, or at least preparation to make the days flow beautifully :)

  6. You are in for an amazing year Nikki.. With the girls at school the sky’s the limit now, well in between school hours…
    Monsoons and Mangoes is growing every day and with all your plans in place your business will be booming.. Happy 2011 !!!!

  7. Sounds great! I did a business course in Cert 3 this year & a lot of what you plan is what we were go girl are on the right track. It is great to hear that you are going to do whatever is in your head… a sign of letting out the inner creative, no matter what any one else is doing:) Only you can do it your way:)

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