Corners of my home

Years ago when I discovered Soule Mama, I was inspired to take photos of corners of my home.

I never did! haha… But I see little nooks and crannies constantly in my home and think, “I should share that”.

Anyway… I took a photo last week and just now while I’m about to post a photo of a new skirt/top I made myself, I found it.

Voila! The top of my microwave!

Puppodum packet, cuttings in a vtg purple glass for panting, a painting by Maisie at preschool, sweet note from a lady at my work when Ieft, Danny’s anti-inflammatories :) Little tin frog – gift from Em, two “lucky” elephants which have taken a couple of falls and are missing a trunk and a leg, but are still lucky!! :) some “special” rocks from the beach, a wooden statue with my Bohemianism neclace hanging from it, Huon Pine dish my Uncle made, an empty envelope (?) & some bananas!

3 thoughts on “Corners of my home

  1. I love to read soulemama’s blog too, I found it sometime last year. She is talented and fascinating. What a lovely little corner you have in your home. Can’t wait to see more! Kelly

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