Patchwork totes

Maisie’s school bag met a sad, and unwelcome end – all because of a forgotten-about Easter boiled egg…. Hmmmm… LOL

So rather than waste money on a crap made-in-China bag, I decided to make one for her… it’s so pretty and she absolutely loves it – she HUGGED it when I showed it to her.

The little mauve ribbon is from packaging from the lovely Bohemianism – if you haven’t checked out her jewellery yet, you absolutely should. I want EVERYthing she makes!!

for sale on Etsy - CLICK!!
Then I made another bag in a similar satchel style, but with inserts in each side that become the shoulder strap. I toiled with it for HOURS!!! making, unpicking, swearing… finally got it “right” but it’s definitely a non-repeater for me!! :)

SO… then I went back to a basic tote (of which I made a bundle of small book bags for a friends’ market stall last year), which I love to make reversible, and posted on my facebook fan page wall. Suddenly I’m overwhelmed with requests for bags. COOL!!! :)


3 thoughts on “Patchwork totes

  1. Just beautiful……she would be the envy of all her little friends at school….how AWESOME are you??

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