fabric covered books

If you haven’t read about it on my facebook fan page, I am having a stall at an Autism Fundraiser on Saturday (tomorrow!!!). it’s my very first “public appearance”, and rather nervous about it. I wanted to have some little inexpensive “impulse buys” on my table.

Last night, I set about covering some basic little notebooks with fabric. I did this when I was a child and don’t remember it being “tricky” at all, but perhaps I wasn’t so perfectionist back then…. :)

They turned out well enough, but I am not thrilled with the frayed little corners.

This morning I went looking for a tutorial – I found lots of removable covers (what a neat idea!), and this one glued-on tutorial. It’s so close to how I did mine (even the tops of the spine), but this clever lady FOLDED her corners, rather than cut them across.

Here’s the tutorial


2 thoughts on “fabric covered books

  1. Hi Nikki, thanks for the link. Good luck with your sale, good plan to take along small items to sell I find greeting cards are a good idea too.

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