Tasmania was, as it always is, wonderful. Within hours of arriving, I never want to leave, and within hours of returning to Darwin, I feel like something is missing. It’s my heart.

We adore the East Coast, and this time we spent 4 nights in Bicheno. We are fortunate enough to have friends who own a shack there, just off the road to Douglas Apsley National Park.

It is a quirky Western Red Cedar cabin, with timber deck overlooking amazing Tasmanian bush with glimpses through the trees to the impossibly blue and sparkling ocean.

We walked along Denison Beach for what felt like miles, and had the company of two fun and friendly dogs (they only loved us for stick-throwing ;)

then the girls ran up the sand dunes & slid down, Danny swam (crazy!) and then we buried him in the sand. We were surprised to get back to the car and discover it was only 16 ° as it felt much warmer!

We took a short walk in Douglas Apsley National Park and rock-hopped along the river bed to another deep water hole. Danny & Josh were crazy enough to swim. And why not – the water was stunning, opal-coloured.

We sat around the rocks near the Silver Sands motel, listening to the plinky-plonk sound of waves playing through the rocks and I felt like I could stretch out and be there forever. I love how in Tasmania it can be a cool day but with the right amount of sunshine you could curl up and be cat-like, napping in the fresh air.

We bought some basic hand lines (and some souvenirs!) from the Log Cabin shop and then fished from the wharf near Govenor Island and saw dolphins! It was beautiful sitting down there and again, I could have sat forever among the old boats.

More photos at Flickr:

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