Goodness, goodness me!!

I can hardly believe March is almost over. In one week, my family and I will be holidaying in Tasmania, where I spent my childhood. We will spend half our time up the East Coast, at Bicheno, in the shack of old-old friends. That I haven’t even seen for 16 years!! It will be a wonderful reunion, and a perfect location to rejuvenate.

After that we will stay with my sister, who has just moved to a new house with a large and lovely FLAT yard :) We may even sleep in a tent. That will surely test my ever-longing to return to live in Tasmania! :)

I cannot wait to see the Autumn leaves – and for my family to see Tasmania in glorious colour like this. I can’t wait for the girls to play in the leaves, and scramble around the hills on legs accustomed to perfectly flat ground (Darwin) collecting them.

I will be reminded constantly of my most amazing and wholesome childhood, visiting at that time of year.


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