So pretty! Looks like a pile of photos

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these are Lily Rainbow’s completed school books. We are both completely in love with them, and Lily told me she was “so proud” of me for making these for her.

She cut out her favourite flower parts of her last years calendar, and had them all waiting in a pile for me (I was blissing out in our power-free monsoonal morning, reading in bed!). then I joined her with some straighter cutting (can’t help myself!!), the glu stick & roll of contact…

Contact is a challenge, isn’t it!!!


Even when I finally had a “method” down pat, I still ended up with streaks and bubbles… Lily, ever the diplomat, kept telling me, “It’s OK. I don’t mind, Mum. I’ll just remember that was the third one we did.” bless…. :)

and to match her homework book, I covered my Monsoons & Mangoes work book* in the calendar cover :)

And we made bookmarks!! :)

* the work book is where I draw new designs and ideas, keep track of custom orders, addresses, that kind of thing. If you’ve requested a custom order in the past year, chances are, you are mentioned in these (now) very pretty pages <3

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