The power was off for hours this morning. It was blessedly cool and damp, and we had a lovely wind still blowing from days ago. Funny how it’s a relief sometimes, but other times it spooks me silly. Perhaps it’s a lingering ‘thing’ from growing up in Tasmania, where wind either threatened to tear the roofing iron off the house, or send sparks into the mountains.

My man cooked our breakfast on the bbq: eggs, baked beans in a tin, toast and coffee. The simplicity of camping and we loved it.

The girls fiddled with an old flower calendar and papers, planning how we might cover Lily’s school books, while Danny and I read our books in the dim morning light.

When the power finally came back on, I jumped up from reading to turn off the fan (amazingly still unrequired!!), and since nobody else noticed, I didn’t tell them. Why spoil it? :)

The rest of the day will be spent covering books, eating, sewing and…probably cooking later. Hopefully it stays cool and damp all day.

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