vintage shoe dream

Dreamt last night of visiting a thrift store and finding a gorgoeus pair of two-toned vintage shoes, tan and white. I fit and I love them, and wore them as I browsed for fabric options (clothing, bedding, linen etc). I found only one scrap of vintage fabric, and while I was making sense of the bundled, sticky-taped mess, the op shop lady was frantically looking around the store… and then found me in the shoes.

I was asked to remove the shoes, that she had a regular customer wanting them. “But I love them, and am wearing them with the intention of purchasing them. I’m a regular too!”

“But this other lady seems so nice. and I told her she can have them, so if you would just hand the shoes over.”

I’m nice tooooo!!” then I got angry and slapped this woman clumsily in the face, then BIT her finger!! I stormed out, ranting and predicting awful things for her and her store.



2 thoughts on “vintage shoe dream

  1. I woke from that dream at 3.30am and lay awake for an hour :-/
    Was a scary dream at the time (the violence), but through the telling of it, it’s actually quite funny :)

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