ebay – a dirty little secret?

I “boycotted” ebay 2 years ago when they hiked their fees up to the ridiculous. Moved to Etsy and well…it wasn’t the best move for me at ALL!! Though I’ve earned some new customers, largely my clothing stays sitting on there for sometimes months!

How disheartening!! No wonder I went back to part-time work. That wasn’t the ONLY reason, but definitely one of a list of them…

So I’ve been selling again on Ebay and LOVING it!! There’s nothing quite like the thrill of Ebay, is there? :)

I pulled up my old Turbo Lister files last week and nearly died with excitement! it was soooo wonderful to ‘reunite’ with my old listings!!! :) :)

But now, I have to make some new graphics for the page, as the old ones are… well, OLD :)

Ew! LOL I thought they were soooo cool, way back when.

Monsoons & Mangoes on ebay :)


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