Sewing machine

It’s been slowing down for a while… I didn’t clue onto oil immediately, but when I did, it made a difference – momentarily! Today I sat down, all industrious after cutting out some baby pants & gorgeous roses skirt…

start gathering and.. ohhh… :(

turned the handwheel and was sooo stiff! more oil.. started unscrewing and couldn’t find any more places to put oil. Then the handwheel started er…clunking….

SO disheartened!!!

Because I have orders to complete – (and new customers, to boot) I’m going to replace my old machine. I’ll buy a new one hopefully tomorrow, and then (if ever) I have some money saved, I’ll fix the broken one as a backup. Good plan?

I’m excited about one-step buttonholes, decorative stitching, and *blanket stitch*! who knew sewing machines did THAT?


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