Lily Rainbow

Brown and Agile Child

Brown and agile child, the sun which forms the fruit
And ripens the grain and twists the seaweed
Has made your happy body and your luminous eyes
And given your mouth the smile of water.

A black and anguished sun is entangled in the twigs
Of your black mane when you hold out your arms.
You play in the sun as in a tidal river
And it leaves two dark pools in your eyes.

Brown and agile child, nothing draws me to you,
Everything pulls away from me here in the noon.
You are the delirious youth of bee,
The drunkedness of the wave, the power of the heat.

My somber heart seeks you always
I love your happy body, your rich, soft voice.
Dusky butterfly, sweet and sure
Like the wheatfiled, the sun, the poppy, and the water.

Pablo Neruda

(thank you G xx)

2 thoughts on “Lily Rainbow

  1. Thank you, Emilie!! :)
    The best fabrics are from op shops! Especially if you have access in some out-of-the way, regional places… which I don’t! :( I’m blessed though, to have two sisters in Tasmania who buy fabric for me! I’d be lost without them!

    Ebay and Etsy are good too – but it works out soooo expensive!! I bought some half yards recently which worked out to $30 a metre PLUS postage! And I wouldn’t even consider spending that in spotlight and the like…

    Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Beautiful blog, lots of nice things!!! I’m Swedish living in Australia, but find it hard to find nice fabrics (apart from vintage fabrics). Do you know where to buy nice fabrics?? Spotlight and lincraft just doesn’t cut it when it comes to fabrics…. Good for stuff like trims and such things, but I’m quite lost as to where to shop for fabrics…. Anyways, have a nice weekend!!

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