the sun came out, today

But only momentarily, as just out in the harbour were dark, looming monsoon clouds; meaning more blessed rain.

Lots of locals are complaining of the rain. It’s certainly not without it’s disadvantages: washing lying around everywhere, mould growing on anything that isn’t getting AIR, little muddy tracks through the house, as we are always barefoot – inside to outside and back again :), great yawning HOLES in the roads that small cars would near disappear in! :)

but I LOVE it, still. It means cooler days…

And amazing lightning shows…

Lily asked me yesterday which was my favourite season, the Wet or Dry. And I love both…The Wet for the rain and lushness and cool, and the Dry for.. well, the cool and not sweating one little bit. Which hit me that after living in my beloved Darwin for 16 years, I’m ready for cooler climes… But only a few degrees… like Cairns cool :)


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