holiday over

Since our visitors left, I’ve been lolling about, reading and reading and napping… I just finished reading Fortune’s Rocks, by Anita Shreve… Oh it was such a delightful story! I rushed through to finishing, not being able to put it down, wanting to know quickly what happened next… but then was so sad the book was finished…

My man is going fishing for the afternoon, into the evening and I must say that I’ve been fairly glued to him – enjoying our relaxing holiday at home with the girls, loving being close and not enjoying being separated… haha…what a sap!! :)

So today, I will go out into my new studio and do some creating. I’ve had some beautiful purple batik drying in the laundry that keeps taunting me whenever I go in there (which is frequently!)… So I think I shall make some flares, like these I made a year or so ago…


6 thoughts on “holiday over

  1. He did use them – but actually *caught* fish (!! haha) using livebait another man gave him.

    We all loved our presents, thank you! We did call on Christmas day, left message – did you get it?

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