Happy Holidays

We’ve been having a lovely few weeks, with my sister up from Tassie, and then the girls’ grandparents from Dalby here for Christmas.

It’s been great to do some touring around that we usually save for visitors, and since we live so remote, it’s not often we get to show off our paradise!! :) maybe that’s why I’ve always taken photos to post online…? haha..

We took my sister down to Litchfield National Park to swim in the waterfalls…but since I’m highly intolerant of yobbo’s who seem to be unable to visit a natural environment without taking an esky full of beer – and this time, we encountered a group who also took their own bbq to the rockhole edge, AND a stereo!! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to listen to techno music competing with the wonderful whooshing and babbling sounds of natural water, and birds calling from tree tops..

Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a rant!! So we left the over crowded spots and used our 4WD to get us to a largely unused creek…

Then we went and had some fun crossing creeks on the 4WD track to Sandy Creek Falls

And then to Wangi Falls…

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