I want to take better photos. It does get tiresome for everybody, herding the girls around my back yard, to model the clothes that I make. The dummy is OK, provided I can get it on a crisp background…though *I* like the garden in behind it, the garment doesn’t show well in Etsy thumbnails…

I took this photo in my new studio… I’m not a big fan of blue walls, but I’m pleased enough with this because it’s quick! :)

There is a khaki coloured shipping container in our back yard (gotta love Darwin) that I would like to use, but I need to string something along it somehow… Might throw that idea to my man and see what he can come up with…

I am so inspired by brilliant photography and it is leading me to want to go out on “location” somewhere… but that’s just more time that at this stage, is better spent creating.

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