room swapping…

I know I’ve banged on a bit about my creative space…and posted pics of spaces I *love*.

like this one….

How I would love a space like that!!! I try, but it’s about having enough space, and places to put things!!

Anyway…. Today I’m moving! Monsoons & Mangoes currently occupies the spare bedroom in the house – sweetly tucked away beside the girls’ bedroom. That’s all very touchy-feely but I find that I avoid using the space at night while the girls are sleeping.

The girls and I will plod away, carrying armloads of fabric (I could do with a ‘stocktake’ and tidy!!) into the room beside the carport – which is twice the size AND has it’s own air-conditioning!!!!

Then we’re moving the bed etc from in there to the spare room inside – so that when Danny’s parents are up for Christmas, they can have our bedroom & ensuite, and we can sleep in the room beside our girls. Aww.. :)


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