Beautiful Wet Season

For those of you that don’t know, I live in Darwin, Northern Territory. We have been blessed this past week with some beautiful monsoonal rains – and lots of froggy loving :)

I took this photo in my back yard. Aren’t they gorgeous??


In other news, I just spent a small fortune at Bunnings…once again I want for a few small items (cable ties, weed mat..) and came home with two lovely big plants, gifts and citronella candles to burn in the garden and hopefully discourage the hoardes of mosquitos that are the inevitable result of lots of beautiful rain!! :)


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Wet Season

  1. That is a gorgeous pic. I am so envious of your green grass. Ours has died off in all the hot weather over the last few weeks. And I understand about Bunnings. My husband bands me from shopping there :)

    1. Thanks Kelly! We have frogs in abundance at this time of year, yet it always feels so special to be able to get up so close and personal with them.

      and about Bunnings…well technically I went to get things for him… ($2.20) cable ties… :) so I can kinda blame him…can’t I? LOL

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