Weight loss

Since I quit smoking in March this year, I’ve gained about 7kg. With my wonderful Sunshine Coast holiday rapidly approaching, I decided to *gulp* diet.

I say that loosely – as all I’m doing is vaguely following the Weight Watchers point system. I figured out how many points I was allowed and try to stick to that every day.

Of course, that glass or two of wine tips me over my points allowance every time, but I’ve still managed to shed 3kg in 3 weeks! I’m pretty pleased with myself.

I found this awesome recipe blog which has recipes categorised by their points value – so great for when I’m left with say, 5 points for dinner!


I’m struggling with getting enough exercise. I work a “real” job 3 days a week. I could walk in the afternoons from 3pm with Lily but it’s just so hot. I just have to stop making excuses and get out and do it!!

However, I AM doing some crunches/sit up variations most nights and have just yesterday discovered how much FUN it is to *run* laps in my chest-deep pool with Maisie clinging to my back!!

I’ll get there in the end…but I seriously doubt I’ll be a rippling, bronzed goddess in two weeks time. the people on the beach at Mooloolaba will just have to avert their eyes when I land on the beach LOL


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