Overlocker woes

should have googled longer… I have just booked my machines in for long-overdue servicing ($75 ea, local home-based Darwin business, 2 day turn-around max – providing I don’t need new parts)

Googled “serger home service tutorial” and found this page full of basic information about tension.

Most of that info is new to me! So I’m thinking that since I’ve done a lot of sewing with thicker and layered fabrics lately, I’ve muddled something up?

First thing I’m going to do when I get home from work is check under each thread spool…and go from there.

I think I’ll still book both machines in for service. o’locker never been serviced and nearly 3 years since the sewing machine was. I remember when i got that one serviced – it was like a new pair of shoes :)


2 thoughts on “Overlocker woes

  1. I still can’t get Wendys machine to feed, or the one I bought to stop throwing up loops. I use Wendys coz it sews well, even though I have to push/pull the fabric though. The original used to sew well, but I can’t get it to now!

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