I’m questioning everything in my life, lately. It feels that quite suddenly lots of things feel wrong… eg: I don’t want to work anymore. Not unless it’s school hours, I don’t have to work during school holidays and my work is worthwhile. All I really want to do is sew for the family and sell enough to ‘get by’, grow my own food and be there for my children.


It’s no surprise that my children sense the growing tide of change in me and have requested their own changes: they asked to share a bedroom again, after having separate rooms for the past year. LOVE that idea.

So yesterday we disturbed the sleepover setting in Maisie’s room (Lily’s been ‘camping’ in there on a spare mattress for 3 weeks as a trial) and made it permanent. Hmmm….I’m noticing that great expanse of mellow blue wall and thinking it needs some decorating. Decals, I think!

I like these Growing Hearts by lewas designs!

Their bedroom now is just for sleeping, reading and resting. All their toys have been moved into what was Lily’s room – which is now their play room.

I’m quite excited about setting it up for them, but I will be needing a few things to make it easy for them to keep it organised and tidy: bookshelves and containers – boxes, baskets etc…

hopefully should get it sorted very soon :)

5 thoughts on “Rearranging

  1. If you need decals let me know – i make them at work… i can make permanent and semi- permanent removable ones to lots of colours and sizes… I could design one for you specifically or you could design one and i’ll cut it for you… let me know!!

  2. It’s a very odd thing, that colour. When we moved in I wanted to ask the owners if we could paint the room at own expense as I loathed the colour. But…the room has such a special and peaceful feeling that we actually really like it. It’s a calming cave :)

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