In other news, I received a lovely bundle of vintage fabric in the mail last week.


Can you believe i actually forgot all about it until downloading photos just now??

6 thoughts on “Fabric…

  1. Thanks Katy :) This lovely lot was purchased on Ebay, but my sister posting above usually is my ‘purchaser’, having glorious op shops in Launceston at her disposal. My oppies up here in Darwin very rarely have anything vintage. I guess it just hasn’t lasted up here with the high heat and humidity?

  2. What a lovely bunch of fabric – especially love the green flowers, where did you get it from – i am looking for fabric like that to make a 1970’s style costume out of…

  3. They have a little bookshelf which is enough for the playroom books (also have books in loungeroom and bedroom). The bookshelf I want mainly for storing boxes and baskets etc in… But…I think if I clean out the bottom of Lil’s cupboard the big plastic boxes (dress ups etc) will store Ok there, and underneath her clothing shelves there’s a “ground level” space that we could keep the smaller boxes (puzzles etc). They have played in there already and seem to like it. They’re actually getting along really well today! :)

    Better go – dropping Lily at a friends for playdate.


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