Winter fabric

Went into Spotlight today, even though the store drives me crazy. how hard is it to organise fabric by type? Why must I find a roll of fleece in amongst the summer cottons? So confusing and I find it really stressful.

Anyway. I did walk out with an armload of snuggly, warm fabric :)

Some of the winter stash.

Rainbow* fleece, stretchy cotton for me, paisley drill (from my lovely sister), brown cord, red floral cord, and a perfect brown stretch cotton. I’m so tempted to make myself a skirt out of this, as I’m busting out of my clothes with all the naughty food I’ve eaten while my man has been away. A soft stretchy skirt with soft ribbing waist sounds heavenly! I might make a second and list it as a maternity skirt! :)

* Rainbows out of order also drive me crazy. But for the sake of cozy warm clothing for my beautiful customers, I will try to cope :)

Afterwards, Maisie and I went to our favourite cafe for lunch. A chicken laksa for me, and Po Pia with fried rice for her. I ended up eating more than half her rice, so I kinda rolled out of there and into the car :)

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