New skirt

That beautiful chocolate mouse coloured fabric I bought today is already my brand new skirt.

I simply traced one of my favourite batik skirts, and sewed in an indigo/black dotty stretchy waist band, with hot pink zig-zag feature stitching all over.

(ugh – such a dodgy pic, but you get the idea! :)

It’s insanely comfortable and very “me”. It is too big though :( :( Do I dare alter the waistband and risk ruining the skirts perfection, or so I list on etsy and make myself another?

5 thoughts on “New skirt

  1. Very funky! I have been thinking about tracing some patterns from a few of my favourite clothes and trying to make some skirts and tops, so you have inspired me :-)

  2. I’ll wander up when I have spare money. Still waiting for Ad Ed to tell me if I am doing the course :s

    How is Mum meant to look like a dottery old lady with a skirt like that anyway?

  3. I could take it in but really I think it would ruin the smooth feeling of the waistband. Mum laughed but said she liked it, so she has it now :) Shall have to make myself another.

    you could make these too – without o/locker would still work. So much easier than fiddling around with elastic (which I loathe on adult clothing anyway). Plus I love the idea of “making do” with the materials I have, and that always includes lots of stretch fabric.

    Might as well get the remnants – I’ll def use them! esp when it takes 10 minutes max to run up a little girls skirt with it. Don’t bother hemming the stretch fabric as it doesn’t need it.

  4. Ho..I thought I was the only one who liked those little ruffles? But your maternity skirt idea is fab! And if I didn’t read that and an idea, its a fab idea! Cant you take the skirt in, without cutting? Maybe I should get those ribbing remnants from the op shop for you. There were great colors -including a purple-ish that would match that skirt.

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