before I even got into the sewing room today, we:
ate breakfast
tidied the house AGAIN
walked to the shop
stopped at the playground on the way back
picked lots of flowers
girls had a swim, I watered the garden and checked on seedlings
made and ate lunch
napped (rather, I tried to but was kept awake by the littlest ones’ snoring!)
more tidying
talked to my love on the phone (he’s STILL in Melbs)

Finally… and because my sewing plans were constantly pushed to the side all weekend (sick kid Sat/Sun) I didn’t know what to do.

So I sorted through this pretty pile of scraps my sister sent to me.

and made this:

and can’t decide to continue it and make enough for a ladies aline skirt, or how exactly to use it to full advantage! :)

When did I get so indecisive!?


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