rearranging furniture

I used to be obsessive about rearranging furniture, but somehow I have spaces that are really quite awkward – such as my lounge room. It’s really a difficult space – front door opens into it, windows on one side, dining room on other, built in bookshelf, and we own a massive, impractical tv unit that requires much space. Like Mum always says when she visits: It looks like we just moved in.


anyway. Yesterday in a fit of “anything has to be better than what I’ve lived with for a year”, I moved the lounge and arm chairs, then moved some plants in, tidied the top of the unit.

Still not perfect, but I’m just not sure what else to do, aside from rush out and buy a new tv unit and lounge suite with non-existent money!! :)

any ideas how this could be better, I’d love to hear!! :)

But I’m absolutely loving it all this morning. It always amazes me how a small rearrangement can make such a tremendous difference.

Next up: I’m moving my tiny sewing space out to the bigger, light-filled office!! It’s external to the house which will feel very strange for me. But…I will be able to unfurl in there, and that will be quite wonderful!! :)


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