Bad blogger

That’s me!!
My man was back for 2 weeks (he is away in Melb on 5 month long training course). And well, you know – life happens, doesn’t it? :)

Have made a couple of things and have a list of custom orders to work on. And some free-sewing over the weekend.

I’m most excited about the men’s patchwork shorts I’ve been asked to make. Other than a few things for Danny (including a dodgy pair of lounge pants made in my first foray into dressmaking for fun LOL – I’m amazed they have survived 5 years of wear!), I’ve not made clothing for men before.

I also have a new pattern to try – it’s a grown-up ladies top which I can modify into a dress. Oh, and I need to try out my big ladies linen dress.

So much that I want to do but I have a problem with shifting my bum from this chair. Why is that????


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