Campfire curry night

Stage is set :)

I grind spices.

And then the girls have water play. I love how Staffies adore water so much :)

Pretty firewood. Danny gathered it all by himself, in the harsh Territory sun. I miss the bush so I want to go next time.

Key ingredients. mmm….

Such a pretty time of day. Love how even here, the angle of the sun changes with the cooler weather.

Onions, spices and the chilli just added. Can you smell it? :)

I love this so much.

Happy, well-fed people. Me classy-as with my handle of rum! :D

Maisie sitting on Bron’s lap for the first time ever – despite seeing her sometimes daily for over 2 years! This is the newly confident, talking Maisie :)
I’m VERY happy that she’s so taken with Bron, as she’ll be minding the girls when I hightail it for Victoria in a month! :)

Clappy hand games the theme of the night with the kids.

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