Creative space

Mine is a disaster.

In the rush to get back into sewing after my 8 month break (can hardly believe I had such a LONG break!), I didn’t put any thought into setting up my space, except perhaps, colour-sorting my stash :) I wanted the table in front of the window, and the ironing board where I could freely move it… but that is as far as the thought goes. I wish the room was bigger, and I had a bigger work area!

I love this space of Betz White

I want a pin board like that!! I have a smallish one – but I can’t hang it like that, as we are renting :(
and all that work space, and light and shelves!! ohhh…! LOL

My favourite part of my space are:

Pretty East Timorese table-runners, which are my ‘curtains’!

Anyway. Betz White’s creative space has inspired and motivated me to at least tidy mine, so it’s photo-worty :)

3 thoughts on “Creative space

  1. Oh I thought that was your space there! I agree it’s nice and I like how it doesn’t have that ‘perfect’ look so you know it actually gets used ;) I have that same mac!

  2. I love that creative space. There’s no reason not to make mysef one like that now (other than a serious lack of time for at least the next three -six months.

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