5 things to look forward to

Because it goes without saying, I’m not numbering it: cooler weather over the next few months. Very excited about wearing clothes! LOL

Oh, and picking bougainvillea on a daily basis, if I want to.

1. Danny home next Wednesday night, for a 10 day break from his studies interstate.

2. Campfire curry in our backyard next Friday night. Friends and my Mum over, some bottles of red too, no doubt :)

3. Melbourne in June – Mine and Danny’s first ever weekend away in the 5 years we’ve been together. It’s moved to the end of the month, but it’s fun planning what we’re doing there.

4. Danny coming home in early July. Not for good though: he has a 5 week training thing in Oakey (near Toowoomba) in Sept.

5. Family holiday on Sunshine Coast in October. Catching up with Dan’s parents and staying with them a couple of nights. Looking forward to being in their vintage house, and finding some lovely vintage bargains in the op shops in Qld over the hols. Mmmm….I am having serious withdrawals! Also very, very excited about meeting two long-time online friends: Bec & Kate (EGP). Can’t wait!!! :)

And that’s the year in a wrap, really. After that it’s Christmas, and Danny would have only spent 4 entire months home in the year.

2 thoughts on “5 things to look forward to

  1. i found your blog through the flicker blog forum. wanted to stop by, see, and leave a message.
    lovely site – your banner is gorgeous. i live on the coast of virginia ~ this reminds me of something we see around here. well, have fun with your danny and all the other wonderful things you have to look forward to.
    please, stop by my site to say hello

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