Oops. Shouldn’t have had that coffee!

My eyes feel like they are popping out of my head. I’m wired but should be in bed! And I’ve just remembered the basket of wet washing waiting to be hung on the clothes horse.

Spent some blissful time alone in my studio (ha!) tonight. I’ve shared the space with the girls all weekend, and while that is special for many reasons, it does stifle me and leave me feeling claustrophobic by the end of the day.

Anyway. I have a few projects lined up for tomorrow (assuming when I call my boss, he tells me it’s quiet in the office and I needn’t come in! :)


We just had a few drops of rain on the roof. And now the wind is picking up. Hmm…might get a nice rainstorm. I definitely need it to clear this humid air! I’m so ready for the Dry Season!!!

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