My new marketing ‘toys’ :)

Just love this stuff. Have had my return address labels and business card printed by the same bunch, Vista Print, for well over a year. Often the product is free and I just pay for postage!!! This latest haul of 25 magnets & sticky note pad were free, postage from US: $7

Have been using a weeny hole-punch, my business cards and ribbon as ‘tags’ on my latest stuff. Now I can write the little thank you message on the note, and garment information/care instructions on the ‘tag’.

All I need now is a giant text only sticker: “Monsoons & Mangoes / vintage inspired, original designs” for my car :) oooh…Ebabyhas some custom decal options I should check out! :)

it’s probably all over-kill but I love it. Makes me feel important :)

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