found a new op shop

Or, didn’t really find. It’s next door to Maisie’s daycare, and recommended to me by a friend of Sharon’s. “they have amazing vintage fabric in there!”

Didn’t find the vintage fabric, but:


Dolly!! Love those cloth dollies with curly wool hair :) This op shop had a great toy ROOM! best ever. I may quite possibly never buy new toys again.

2 x pillow cases. Blue tiny paisley. The pinky/green floral has different front and back, and I believe is destined to be either a tunic dress or flares with diff. front/back.

Green tye-died kids tee. May become a tinybaby dress, or I’ll add sleeves and sell as Sz 7 l/sleeve.

Bright orange/blue squid play suit – for Maisie to wear to daycare. How fun!!! :)

and for me, most op-shopping fun I’ve had since Toowoomba!

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