blissy, lovely weekend

late Saturday afternoon: small grocery shop then an absolutely beautiful fish curry for dinner – prawn parsee recipe, but with some local Dew (or Jew????) Fish instead.


Sun: bike-riding at Mindil. I’m amazed that Lily just knows how to ride without training wheels. Everytime we go again, I expect to be back to square one. But like Danny says, once you know how to ride a bike, you don’t forget.

Didn’t feel like going straight home, though it was close to Maisie’s nap time. She seemed fine, so we went for a drive around: past a house for sale in Ludmilla. Found a track into the pandanus scrub behind that suburb and went for a bit of a cruise through the long-grass. Just can’t believe grass can grow that high!! Drove back to the street and D & I invented a new daydream – to own a house backing onto this scrub, having ordinary cyclone fencing at the rear so we can see through, and have the feeling of the scrub as being our own yard – and even having a gate that leads out…we’d clear some grass with the whipper-snipper, have log seats and maybe a little camp-fire in the Dry. Have friends over for beers & snags, in our very own little bush setting. We’ve since learned that this is crown land and we could have been charged for driving on it. It’s unlikely we’ll be allowed to cut the grass or spend time on it, either ;)

Danny told of a 4WD track out Buffalo Creek way, so we headed home (via McDonalds to buy a large fries for the girls to share) to get some more snacks, water and pillows for the girls (coz, you know, buffalo creek is soooo far away!!)

track turned out to be fenced off with big clumsy “private property, keep off!” signs posted.

Hung out at the boat ramp for a while, instead. Watched a Thai fisherman catch some little bait fish with his huge cast net, then he showed the girls in his bucket: tiger prawns, anchovies, mullet. Was amazed by all that was available, just there in the pretty green water.

ew, played with the colour on this one and botched it. Real pic just didn’t show the vivid green grass and rust-coloured seed heads. This kinda does, but is all weirdo. oh well

Home for l/over fish curry, naps and a lovely torrential downpour on the way to meet Em, Maren & Rich for fish & chips (turned out to be yiros all ’round) on the foreshore. Too wet, so we went to Maren’s. We saw Mr Watts along the way, scurrying through the heavy rain and stopped to offer a ride. Danny got soaked just getting out of the car to open the back for Tim. Love that rain.

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