stretchy fabric obsession + new flannelette

Excited to use the red, particularly – it’s reversible!! Thinking kids baggy pants with a once-turned cuff…? (see below! time taken: 1 hour)

The blue – larger print I’ve had a couple of years now, and the smaller print I received today. Unsure how to use yet. May just keep in my stash & swoon over :) Or maybe a tiny version of the tunic dress I’ve been making?

Size 00

Was hoping they wouldn’t turn out so “sellable”. I want them for Maisie! Would look sooooo cool with boots & funky tights or long socks :) Good thing I have another metre of the same fabric. I might just make her a pair too :)


It’s already 10.15 and I haven’t made a thing. Have been child-free for 2 hours!

Had a long walk with Mum, then checked mail (fabric) and came home for coffee… and browsing ebay for jersey knits. Mmmm…. Really like this Paris-inspired fabric. How cool would that look made up into a long-sleeve tee!!

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